Rolling Walkers

Rolling Walker

A wheelchair (also known as “rolling walker”) is an assistant for people with disabilities. This model is highly mobile in movement and allows you to take long walks without additional effort. But it can be only used by people with good coordination because in case of loss of balance a person may not keep the walker in place. Rolling walkers for disabled people and the elderly on both 2 wheels and 4 wheels serve as support, help maintain balance, reduce the load on the lower limbs and significantly reduce the rehabilitation period. They are used by people who have suffered serious injuries when their health still does not allow walking with a cane and people with disabilities who need constant additional support when moving. Walkers on wheels for adults are small in size and light in weight, making them easy to walk for a long time.

A rolling walker: a design for adults

Rolling walkers for the disabled and the elderly also have several options. They may have 2 (on the front legs) or 4 wheels, depending on the type of construction. The frame of the product is waist-high, slightly wider than the human body and about 30 cm deep. Rehabilitation models have a more complex structure with axillary supports. They are recommended for use by people with shortening of the lower limb, with diseases of the nervous system, cerebral disorders and the elderly. All models have an adjustable height, so they are adjusted in accordance with the growth of the patient. Products are made of light but durable materials – steel and aluminum. These are high-strength frames that have a special anti-corrosion coating that extends the life of the product. The cost of a walker on wheels for the elderly varies depending on the number of wheels in the structure and the availability of additional supports.

Choosing a rolling walker for adults

  • The size of the structure is depth, width and height. The parameters of a walker are selected in accordance with the physique of the user;
  • Height adjustment can be changed to suit the user’s height. When choosing a model, it is worth paying attention to the mounting system. Push-button locks are simpler and more reliable to use, they can be handled independently by people with disabilities or people with weak hands;
  • People with excess body weight should choose reinforced models that can withstand static and dynamic loads. They are designed for people with body weight up to 150kg;
  • Folding models facilitate storage and transportation. The price of simple models (non-folding structures) is lower but at the same time not inferior in quality and safety. A walker on wheels with a seat is an ideal model for the disabled who independently go on long walks. Built-in seat allows a person to sit down and relax at any time;
  • Non-slip porous pads are especially important for people with diseases that cause excessive sweating. Soft rubberized handrails also relieve stress on the joints of the hand and wrist;
  • The ability to replace the wheels with rubber tips will allow the use of walkers for the disabled with rubber tips in the addictive period.

How to choose the height of a rolling walker for adults?

Stand upright and lower your hands along the body, the correct height of the product should reach the wrist. If it is incorrectly selected, then the load will not be distributed evenly. In the normal position, the elbow is in a slightly bent position during walking, so that blood circulation is not disturbed and no specific part of the body is loaded.

To buy a rolling walker for the disabled and the elderly, as well as patients during the rehabilitation period, you should first consult a doctor regarding the type of device, the possibility of alternating several types at different stages of recovery. For example, a walker with rigid fixation will be the best choice in the initial stages, and walkers with 4 wheels are well suited for the later stages. The price of walkers on wheels depends on the design and materials.


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