What is A&D Ointment?

Children’s skin is different from adult skin: it is thinner and not so resistant to external influences, so it requires special care. But even if you take care of the baby’s skin correctly, diaper rash may appear on it – areas of inflammation in places of contact with moisture and friction with diapers. To prevent diaper rash or speed up recovery, avoiding infectious complications, special means are required, for example, A&D Ointment.

Features of A&D Ointment

  • A&D OintmentRelieves diaper rash;
  • Remains active for 6 hours;
  • Enhanced impact;
  • For dry, weathered or irritated skin;
  • Recommended by pediatricians;
  • Quality tested;
  • Helps since 1909;
  • Protects skin.


  • Temporary protects a minor from cuts, scratches, burns;
  • Temporary protects and helps get rid of chapped skin and lips;
  • Helps protect against dryness caused by wind and cold weather;
  • Helps cure and prevent diaper rash;
  • Protects skin with scuffs from diapers, and also helps protect against moisture.

Recommendations for use

Apply the ointment when necessary. To prevent diaper rash, change contaminated diapers on time, cleanse the skin under the diaper and let it dry. Apply the ointment in the required amounts and with the necessary regularity, with each diaper change, especially at night and at any other time, when the child could be in the wet diaper longer than usual.


  • For external use only;
  • When using the product, avoid contact with eyes;
  • Stop use and consult a doctor if the condition worsens, symptoms persist for more than 7 days or disappear and reappear after a few days;
  • Do not use on deep and puncture wounds, with animal bites and serious burns;
  • Keep out of the reach of children. In case of accidental swallowing, immediately seek medical attention or a poison control center;
  • Do not use if inner seal is damaged or missing.


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