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Description of Methotrexate

Methotrexate is a medication that is widely used in the treatment of various conditions, including cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis, and autoimmune diseases. It is considered a versatile drug due to its ability to target different types of conditions effectively.

Key Points:

  • Methotrexate works by slowing down the growth of cancer cells or suppressing the immune system in autoimmune diseases.
  • It is categorized as a chemotherapy drug and falls under the class of antimetabolites.
  • Antimetabolites like Methotrexate disrupt DNA and RNA synthesis in cells, inhibiting their growth and division.

According to the National Cancer Institute, chemotherapy drugs like Methotrexate are crucial in the fight against cancer as they target rapidly dividing cells, including cancer cells.

For patients with autoimmune diseases, Methotrexate helps in reducing inflammation and pain by suppressing the overactive immune response that attacks healthy tissues.

Categories of cancer drugs

Chemotherapy drugs are classified based on their mechanism of action and their specific targets in cancer cells. Methotrexate belongs to a category known as antimetabolites, which work by interfering with key processes in cell growth and division.


Antimetabolites are a class of chemotherapy drugs that mimic essential substances needed for cell growth. Methotrexate, for example, acts as a structural analog of folic acid and competes with it, disrupting the synthesis of nucleotides necessary for DNA and RNA production. By inhibiting these processes, methotrexate ultimately leads to the death of rapidly dividing cancer cells.

Mechanism of Action:

Methotrexate exerts its anticancer effects by targeting cells that require high levels of folic acid, such as cancer cells. It interferes with the conversion of folic acid into its active form, limiting the availability of key building blocks needed for DNA replication and cellular division. This disruption specifically affects fast-growing cancer cells, making them more vulnerable to the drug’s cytotoxic effects.

Specific Targets:

In addition to its effects on cancer cells, Methotrexate can also affect other rapidly dividing cells in the body, such as those in the bone marrow, hair follicles, and digestive system. This can lead to common side effects like bone marrow suppression, hair loss, and gastrointestinal disturbances.


Methotrexate has been widely used in the treatment of various cancers, including leukemia, lymphoma, and breast cancer. Its ability to disrupt key metabolic pathways in cancer cells has made it an essential component of many chemotherapy regimens.

For more information on chemotherapy drugs and their mechanisms of action, you can refer to reputable sources such as the National Cancer Institute ( and the American Cancer Society (

Advantages of Buying Medications Online:

Online pharmacies offer numerous benefits for individuals seeking to purchase medications like Methotrexate. Here are some advantages of buying medications online:

  1. Convenience: Online pharmacies like provide the convenience of ordering medications from the comfort of your home. Patients can avoid long lines and waiting times at traditional pharmacies.
  2. Accessibility: Online pharmacies offer a wide range of medications, including specialty drugs like Methotrexate, that may not be readily available at local brick-and-mortar pharmacies. This accessibility allows patients to find the medications they need without visiting multiple physical locations.
  3. Comparison: Patients can easily compare prices, read reviews, and gather information about different medications online. This enables informed decision-making when choosing a supplier and selecting the most cost-effective option.
  4. Time and Money Savings: Purchasing medications online can save time and money for individuals with busy schedules. Online pharmacies often provide competitive prices and discounts, making it a cost-effective option, especially for those without insurance or on a limited budget.

Overall, the convenience, accessibility, and cost-effectiveness of buying medications online make it an attractive option for many individuals seeking to manage their health conditions effectively.

Low prices for medications in online drugstores

Online pharmacies like City Center Pharmacy offer competitive prices for a wide range of medications, including Methotrexate. This can be especially beneficial for individuals with low wages or those without insurance coverage. By purchasing Methotrexate online, customers can take advantage of the following cost-saving benefits:

  • Discounts and Promotions: Online drugstores often provide discounts, promotional offers, and coupon codes that can help reduce the cost of medications, including Methotrexate.
  • Comparative Pricing: Customers can easily compare prices of Methotrexate across various online pharmacies to find the best deal available.
  • Lower Overhead Costs: Online pharmacies have lower overhead costs compared to traditional brick-and-mortar stores, allowing them to offer medications at competitive prices.

According to a survey conducted by the National Institute for Health Care Management (NIHCM), approximately 15% of Americans do not have health insurance, which can make accessing medications like Methotrexate challenging. Online pharmacies provide a cost-effective solution for individuals looking to save money on their prescription medications.

Furthermore, studies have shown that customers who purchase medications online not only save on costs but also benefit from the convenience of home delivery and easy access to medication information. It is important for consumers to ensure they are purchasing from reputable online pharmacies that adhere to regulations and offer genuine medications.

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Common Side Effects of Methotrexate

When taking Methotrexate, some patients may experience side effects that can vary in severity. It is essential to be aware of these potential side effects and to consult with a healthcare provider if any arise. Here are some common side effects associated with Methotrexate:

  • Nausea and Vomiting: One of the most commonly reported side effects of Methotrexate is nausea, which can sometimes lead to vomiting. To help manage this side effect, patients can take their medication with food or ask their healthcare provider about anti-nausea medications.
  • Fatigue: Methotrexate can cause fatigue or tiredness in some individuals. It is essential to get enough rest and avoid strenuous activities while taking this medication.
  • Hair Loss: Some patients may experience hair loss while on Methotrexate treatment. This side effect is usually temporary and hair may regrow once the treatment is completed.
  • Mouth Sores: Methotrexate can sometimes cause mouth sores or ulcers. Maintaining good oral hygiene and using mouth rinses recommended by a healthcare provider can help alleviate this side effect.
  • Decreased White Blood Cell Count: Methotrexate can lower white blood cell counts, making patients more susceptible to infections. Regular blood tests are typically done to monitor blood cell levels during Methotrexate treatment.

It is crucial for patients to communicate with their healthcare provider about any side effects they experience while taking Methotrexate. Adjustments to the dosage or additional supportive care may be necessary to manage these side effects effectively.

According to a study published in the Journal of Clinical Rheumatology, approximately 30% of patients taking Methotrexate reported experiencing nausea, while around 15% mentioned fatigue as a side effect. Understanding these potential side effects can help patients better prepare for their treatment and improve their quality of life during therapy.


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Active Ingredient: Methotrexate


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Dosage and Administration of Methotrexate

When it comes to the dosage and administration of Methotrexate, it is essential to follow specific guidelines to ensure the medication’s effectiveness and minimize potential side effects. Here are some key points to consider:

Dosage Strengths:

Methotrexate is available in various dosage forms, including tablets, injections, and oral solutions, with different strengths ranging from 2.5 mg to 25 mg. The dosage strength prescribed by a healthcare provider depends on the condition being treated and the individual’s response to the medication.

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Oral Administration:

For oral administration, Methotrexate tablets are typically available in 2.5 mg strengths. The dosage may vary based on the specific condition being treated, but a common starting dose for rheumatoid arthritis is 7.5 mg once weekly. The tablets should be taken with plenty of water, usually on the same day each week to maintain consistency.

Injection Administration:

In some cases, Methotrexate may be administered via subcutaneous injection, either by the healthcare provider or self-administered by the patient. The injection site should be rotated to prevent irritation, and proper injection techniques should be followed to ensure safety and efficacy.

Monitoring and Adjustments:

Regular monitoring of blood counts and liver function tests is crucial for patients taking Methotrexate to detect any potential side effects or complications. Dosage adjustments may be necessary based on individual responses and medical conditions.

Special Considerations:

It is essential to inform the healthcare provider about any other medications, supplements, or herbal remedies being taken, as they may interact with Methotrexate and affect its efficacy. Pregnant or breastfeeding women should also consult their healthcare provider before starting Methotrexate therapy.

Remember, always follow the prescribed dosage and administration instructions provided by your healthcare provider to ensure safe and effective use of Methotrexate.

Leflunomide versus Methotrexate: A Comparison of Side Effects

When it comes to treating autoimmune conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, two commonly prescribed medications are Leflunomide and Methotrexate. While both drugs are effective in managing the symptoms of these conditions, they may have different side effects that patients should be aware of. Here is a comparison of the side effects of Leflunomide and Methotrexate:

Side Effect Leflunomide Methotrexate
Nausea Common Common
Hair Loss Less common Common
Diarrhea Common Less common
Mouth Sores Less common Common

According to a study published in the Journal of Rheumatology, Leflunomide was associated with a higher incidence of gastrointestinal side effects, such as diarrhea, compared to Methotrexate. On the other hand, Methotrexate was more likely to cause hair loss and mouth sores in some patients.

It is essential for patients to discuss potential side effects with their healthcare providers before starting either medication. Monitoring for these side effects and reporting any unusual symptoms can help healthcare providers adjust treatment plans accordingly.

For more information on the side effects of Leflunomide and Methotrexate, you can visit reputable sources such as the Arthritis Foundation or the National Institutes of Health.

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