What is Twill Tape?

Twill tape is an environmentally friendly material that is used either in different industries or in everyday life. It is also used for the manufacture of crafts and sovereigns.

Twill tapes are made of cotton fabric using the method of twill, linen or combined weaving. Also, other fabrics are used to obtain such tapes: silk, semi-silk, viscose, etc. In addition, in the manufacture of twill tapes with special properties (for example, abrasion resistance, increased extensibility, etc.) fiberglass or rubberized threads are used.What is Twill Tape_

The use of twill tape

Today, the industry produces a huge number of different brands of twill tapes, which can be divided into two large groups:

  • decorative ribbons – are available in different colors, have relief or smooth surface, the edge of the ribbons is usually equipped with a decorative sealing;
  • industrial tapes – usually not painted, the edges are left without sealing, the surface of the tapes is mostly smooth.

Industrial tapes are used in electrical engineering and radio electronics for cable ties, as well as insulating and sealing materials. They are produced according to quality standards and are delivered to the consumer in rolls with a length of 50 – 100 m and a web width of 8 – 50 mm. These tapes are not widely used in everyday life because they have a fairly unattractive appearance and rough weaving.

Unlike the previous type, decorative twill tapes have a beautiful design. They are presented in a wide range of colors. Such material is used in light industry, for the household repair of clothing (for example, closing the neck), as well as for the manufacture of crafts and souvenirs.

Most often, twill tape is used in sewing. It is used to complete the seams, decorate clothes. The tape is also indispensable when sewing special clothing (for example, an army uniform, suits for hunting and fishing, etc.). In everyday life, this tape is often used for household repairs of knitwear.

Using twill tape in the decor

Due to the huge variety of colors and design solutions, twill tape is one of the most common and affordable decorative materials. It is easy and convenient to work with it, and most importantly, this does not require special skills. In addition, twill tape is an environmentally friendly material, so it can also be used to make toys or decor and repair children’s clothing.

Thus, twill tape tightly entered our everyday life as a decorative material, but it is often used in the industry. At the same time, the use of twill tape is not limited to just sewing clothes or decorating various crafts.

Due to its attractive design and good strength characteristics, it can be used for quite unusual purposes. For example, a clasp for a purse or bag can be made from a twill tape. Some gardeners even use it to tie fruit trees.

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