Hernia Belt: Does It Really Help?

Hernia Belt

A hernia is a displacement of organs from their natural places in the cavity, formed as a result of various causes. For example, such a formation in the abdomen may appear due to excessive physical exertion or injury. As a rule, in this case, the position of the intestine is violated – part of it falls into the pathological cavity.

Why is hernia dangerous?

Any change in the position of internal organs is fraught with violations in their work. External placement of the hernia also causes the risk of accidental damage, which can lead to organ failure.

Prolapse of the intestine into the cavity can be painful and can cause great inconveniences.

Similar formations need treatment. In most cases, one can do with a corrective hernia belt. Advanced hernias can only be removed surgically.

How can a hernia belt help?

A hernia belt is a tightening bandage (retainer) made of elastic material. Its main task is to keep the drop-out cavity in place. Thus, the development of the disease is prevented and the risk of complications is reduced.

Please note that such a belt does not help adult patients to completely get rid of the disease, it will only freeze the current condition and become external support by the internal organ. Such products are prescribed for the period before surgery or for the time of postoperative recovery.

Also, a medical hernia belt is recommended for those who cannot undergo a cavity removal for some reason.

Things are a little different with children. If a hernia was detected at an early stage, wearing the product in conjunction with other measures will help completely eliminate the problem.

Another function of a hernia belt is preventive. The use of a preventive fixator during physical exertion will prevent the appearance of a hernia, especially in people who are predisposed to such phenomena.

When is a hernia belt not used?

The fact of the presence of a cavity does not mean that the patient is necessarily prescribed a belt. There are a number of circumstances when such a medical device cannot be used:

  • Damage to the skin at the site of application due to injuries or illnesses;
  • Some diseases of the internal organs of the abdominal cavity;
  • Severe forms of diseases of the cardiovascular system (a tight belt can provoke problems with blood circulation);
  • Missed stages of hernia or its infringement.

Variety of products

Models are divided into categories depending on the place of application (it, in turn, depends on the type of hernia). There are the following types of a hernia belt:

  • Umbilical;
  • Inguinal;
  • Pelvic;
  • Abdominal;
  • Postoperative;
  • For pregnant;
  • Various variations of children’s models.

Product selection and wear features

The model of a hernia belt must be chosen by a doctor, based on the subtleties of the patient’s condition. Some models are not prescribed for continuous use. Usually, the period of continuous use does not exceed 6 hours. Thus, the belt is worn on a period of activity when complications associated with the prolapse of organs are most likely.

The total duration of wearing depends on the purpose of use: the product can be prescribed for the period of preparation for surgery, for several months to adjust the position of the hernia, or forever (if surgery is not possible).

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